About the Pool

How can tiny Prescott (population 319) have a pool when it’s Walla
Walla neighbors cannot?

A brief history of why Prescott is still in the swim.
Prescott’s swimming pool, originally built by the Prescott School District, opened in
1958. During the time the school district owned the pool, swimming lessons were
included in the school’s physical education program as well as offering summer
swimming to the public.

In 1980, because of legislative changes to state funding formulas for school
districts, the Prescott School District’s Board of Directors could no longer manage
and finance the pool and changes to the swimming pool funding would have to be
made. Community members joined forces and came up with a plan to keep the pool

In May 1981, voters approved the formation of Prescott Joint Park and Recreation
District, a junior taxing district. An overwhelming YES vote of 177 to 28 created the
district, using the same boundary lines as the Prescott School District, which includes a
small area of Columbia County.

The newly organized Prescott Joint Park and Recreation District opened the pool for
the 1981 summer season. Five elected commissioners oversee the operations of this
junior taxing district. The pool was remodeled in 1994 and relies on an annual levy
to continue operations. A super majority of 60% YES votes is needed in the General
Election each November. Swimming is a popular summer pastime in Prescott.

The pool, built in 1958, is now 55 years old and of an age where repairs and
replacements are necessary every year. The Prescott Joint Park and Recreation
District Commissioners are very appreciative of local voters passing an annual M & O
levy, which requires a 60% plus super majority, to run the pool.

The district commissioners want to thank the Sherwood Trust for their recent grants
of $54,000; with $44,000 for repair and replacement in 2013 and $10,000 to be used
as seed money to help grow a Replacement Reserve Fund. In the extensive grant
application process, the Sherwood Trust asked the PJPRD Board and staff to make
a 20 year projection for needs and operation goals of the pool and park. This long
range planning has been helpful to the commissioners and staff as they look forward to
keeping the water in the Prescott Pool for many more years.

The PJPRD Commissioners thank the Board of Directors of Northwest Grain Growers
who have purchased a new picnic table for the park and are sponsoring free swim
lessons this season for patrons in zip code 99348.

Come and swim at Prescott this summer. You will find a beautiful, clean, well maintained
swimming pool situated next to a lovely park and picnic area with views of the historic
Touchet River Valley and the rolling Sky Rocket Hills as you picnic and swim.

We look forward to your visit.


If you or someone you know has difficult climbing in or out of the pool because of the ladders or steps, then by all means come and check out our ADA compliant lift that they can operate by themselves. Our new lift allows for entry into and out of the pool without the use of a ladder or steps. Please come and check this out, and enjoy your swim.