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How can tiny Prescott (population 319) have a pool when it’s Walla
Walla neighbors cannot?

Come and swim at Prescott this summer. You will find a beautiful, clean, well maintained swimming pool situated next to a lovely park and picnic area with views of the historic Touchet River Valley and the rolling Sky Rocket Hills as you picnic and swim. We look forward to your visit!

How can tiny Prescott have a pool when some of its neighbors cannot?
Support of the voters of the district for the district’s annual levy.

A brief history of why Prescott is still in the swim.
Prescott’s swimming pool, originally built by the Prescott School District, opened in 1958. During the 22 years that the school district owned the pool, swimming lessons were included in the school’s physical education curriculum in addition to the summer swimming program for the public.

In 1980, because of legislative changes to state funding formulas for school
districts, the Prescott School District’s Board of Directors could no longer manage to finance the pool and changes to the swimming pool funding would need to be
made. School District residents joined forces and came up with a plan to keep the pool
operating. In May 1981, the supporters were able to place an item on the ballot to form Prescott Joint Park and Recreation District. The voters approved the formation of the PJPRD as a junior taxing district by an overwhelming YES vote of 177 to 28. This newly created district, used the same boundary lines as the Prescott School District, which also includes a small area of Columbia County.

The newly organized Prescott Joint Park and Recreation District (PJPRD) opened the pool for the 1981 summer season. Five elected commissioners oversee the operations of this junior taxing district. The pool was remodeled in 1994 and relies on an annual levy to continue operations.

The pool, built in 1958, is now 62 years old and of an age where repairs and
replacements are necessary every year. The Prescott Joint Park and Recreation
District Commissioners are very appreciative of local voters passing an annual M & O
levy, which requires a 60% super majority, to run the pool. Because of the need for more funds to repair and replace infrastructure at the pool and park, the District has worked to secure grants to enable them to keep the park and pool open and running and to provide an exceptional swimming experience.

The district commissioners want to thank the Sherwood Trust for their recent grant of $50,000 to help with repair and replacement of plumbing and other physical needs for the pool. In the past Prescott Joint Park and Recreation District has received other grants to help replace and repair various areas of the pool and park, including building a new playground in 2017.

Since the district is a junior taxing district, the five PJPR District Commissioners are elected for 4 year terms. They meet monthly and oversee the administration of the park and pool. These meetings are open public meetings for all those interested to attend.

Each year the commissioners participate in long range planning sessions
as they look forward to keeping the water in the Prescott Pool for many more years.

Every July the Commissioners review the district’s financial needs and develop a budget for the up-coming year, and set a levy amount for the annual November ballot.

The levy measure on the 2019 ballot for 2020 operation and maintenance was for $123,000 and needed a super majority to pass. The levy passed by 68.25%. The Prescott Park and Recreation District Commissioners are very pleased with the support of the voters to make our pool and park the beautiful recreation facilities they are today.